PT. Tebar Insan Mandiri

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Tebar Insan  Mandiri is an labor suppliers and recruitment company that helps all the Indonesian workers to search for their dream job overseas, in which the target countries are Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Country, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei Darussalam. Our motto is 'We Connect You to The World', so Tebar Insan Mandiri will constantly seek to connect potencies of the best people in the nation to work around the world. We are committed to be the best company to train and assign Indonesian migrant workers abroad.

Indonesia may be seen to be bucking the global trend by actually having a large segment of the public interested in becoming professionals workers. Those prospective professionals workers are highly motivated, although lack of proper training and work experience in high technology and modern science environments more readily available in the advanced nations.

It gives me great pride to reiterate the reputation of PT. Tebar Insan Mandiri as a provider of professional quality and timely service. In addition to providing workers residing within the Indonesian and overseas. This training process is carried out alongside highly qualified and experienced teams in a multitude of health services, industries including construction, oil & gas, energy, hospitality, aviation, and transportation.

We are motivated, inspired and constantly improving in order to ensure the fullest satisfaction of our rapidly growing clientele.


Fuady Azlin,
President Director of Tebar Insan Mandiri



In the beginning of 2013, PT. Tebar Insan Mandiri was established in Banda Aceh with the spirit to create new, broad employment opportunities for people from Aceh Province in particular and Indonesia in general. In order to recruit and assign the workers abroad, Tebar Insan Mandiri is officially appointed as one of agencies for Indonesian Migrant Workers recruitment and placement in accordance with Decree of Minister of Manpower and Transmigration of Republic of Indonesia No. 367 Year 2014.


The effort of worker recruitment has a high level of difficulty and risk since its object is also the subject in which intelligence and prosperity must be improved. The assignment of Indonesian migrant workers is essentially one of the alternatives to solve the problems in employment, by providing employment opportunities for people, so they are expected to get decent income and livelihood.

According to the data from Central Bureau of Statistics of Indonesia, there are more than 103 million workforces in which 93 million people work and other 7 million people are the openly unemployed from several education levels, but their capability can still be empowered either in the country or abroad. Therefore, considering the potential availability of workforce, we see that abroad employment opportunities can be an alternative for the workforce in Indonesia.

Tebar Insan Mandiri has been acknowledged by Indonesian Government as Private Agency for Indonesian Migrant Workers Recruitment and Placement which is official, quality, reputable, and responsible for worker candidates with a good relation network abroad. We also have the most complete, quality facility to meet daily needs of worker candidates and are supported by friendly, fun nuance. Our track record proves that Tebar Insan Mandiri sends workers abroad very well and quickly.


Our source application through a job advertisement, bank data and campus recruitment, pre-screening interview and short listed the potential candidates with the right qualification and skill experience and attitude for best match. We also arrange the necessary travel requirement such as passport and visa arrangement, ticketing pre-employment, medical check-up, etc for candidate deployment.

Our recruitment services activity begins with complete definition of the manpower requirement of the employer. Upon receipt of the job order for each category of candidates required, we will start to source the application trough job advertisement, our bank data, campus or manufacturing etc. walk – interview

We will conduct preliminary screening of the potential candidates in a highly professional manner to determine their technical and education qualification, English language and work attitude. If required by the client, we could also conduct personality trade test.



"Succeeding abroad employment program, in solving the issues of unemployment, human resource development, technology shift from the more developed countries, and improvement in standards of living"


·   Improving professional capability and productive work ethic

·   Improving the prosperity of workers

·   Improving quality by developing an effective mechanism for workers and other parties   involved in it.